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Helping Arnol’s Family

Our dear friend Arnol Isaac Hernandez Valle traveled from rural El Rodeito, Honduras to Tarapoto, Peru to receive treatment for brain cancer on March 1st. There was no treatment available for him in Honduras, and Arnol did not want to give up hope. Sadly, he passed away Sunday May 12th in Peru surrounded by his mother, neighbors and friends.

We have been able to negotiate with the healer, landlord, and clinics in Peru, to delay payment until after Arnol was brought home to El Rodeito, so that we could allocate those funds towards Arnol’s funeral and burial. Arnol was buried in his community on May 18th. However we must continue to raise the funds that Arnol’s family owes in Peru.

Learn more about our fundraising campaign here.

Amount Raised: $4,769 of $6,449 goal


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